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What Is A Good Scooter For Kid?

Find the best pro scooter for your kids or beginners needs is not an easy job, especially when you consider the number of different designs of bars, decks, brands and weight available in the market.

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So what is a good scooter for the kids? Most of the time, this question comes from the parents of the younger riders or no scooter experience.For the most part, the entry-level scooters are capable of performing the same tricks as the intermediate riders and higher-end scooters. The difference can be in the size of the bars, decks, and wheels.

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The beginner scooters bar size usually lower (shorter) and not as wide which is suitable for kids. The deck’s size is narrower which is suitable for small feet. And wheels size are generally 100mm on the entry levels.

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Vokul pro scooter Trii S1 has an enormous upgrade than S2. It is not only suitable for the beginner but intermediate riders are well. Trii S1 excellent for cruising around with family or skate park.There have 5 crazy color schemes which are good looking and make you stand out in the skate park and street.

Bars:19.7″W x 22.8″H Steel
Deck: 19.7″L x 4.1″W 6061 Alloy T4T6 Heat Treated
Fork: Threaded
Headset: Steel Cups With High-Quality Ball Bearing
Wheels: 100mm 88A PU, 6061 PVC Core

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Because of the high quality of parts used, Trii S1 is a cheap complete scooter on the market at its price level.