A Young Boy’s Experience of Scootering

My name is Ryan. My experience of scootering was very fun. When I first got my scooter it was a razor pro scooter. I really liked but when I got home I didn’t know how to put it together so I got some help from my brother. I would go out and cruise around and go to the skatepark. My parents would take me there or I would go with my brother and my brother was doing tricks I have never seen before. After I seen him do it I asked him “can you teach me how to do that” then he taught me simple tricks.

After couple months I went to my friend’s house but I left my scooter outside. Then someone stole it I was a little mad but I asked my parents if they can get me another one and their response was “Yeah”. After a month I went to big 5 to get my mgp pro scooter. When I got home I knew how to put it together. I went to the skatepark with some friends and we were doing tricks. Then I knew something was wrong so I checked my deck there was a crack. Then after 2 weeks, it snapped.


After it was my birthday I got a vokul scooter! My experience with it was the best. It was the best scooter I had in my life it was nice and smooth and it was perfect for me. I loved my vokul scooter because I always learned new tricks. Vokul scooter will be my number one decision. I learned so many things with vokul scooter it got me a sponsor. If I were you I would get vokul scooters.It’s my favorite scooter company to ride.

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