Attention all riders!

We have some big news for you……

We want to take our small company to the next level and we need your help.  We plan to put together an amateur team of riders from all over the US to represent our brand and to promote our products.  We are excited about taking this step and look forward to hearing from you.

Here are some of the things we are looking for in our riders.  Our riders should be role models who are willing to answer questions and mentor younger riders.  Our riders should have a strong presence on social media.  Our riders will have positive attitudes, and will always portray the Vokul Scooters brand in a positive way.

Please remember that being a sponsored rider is a job.  You will be the public face of Vokul Scooters, and you will be our eyes and ears in your area.  We will expect you to regularly post photos and videos that we can share with our followers, and to promote our brand at your local skate parks and scooter contests.

If you are interested, please email the following information to with subject sponsorship

[email protected]

First name:

Last name:






t-shirt size:

Current Scooter Set up:

Best tricks:

insert youtube link of your latest edit

your instagram user name

your facebook user name

how many years have you been riding scooters

what’s your local scooter shop

what’s your local skate park

how did you first hear about vokul

one paragraph about why you think you would be a great vokul team member

and how you think you can help us sell more products in your area