Official Vokul Warranty Registration

Vokul provides a limited warranty for the main parts for a period of 6 months from date of purchase at an authorized dealer with receipt and/or sales contract.

What’s covered
— snapping, visible cracking, bending
— function of the deck
— manufacturing defects

Handle Bars
— breaking, visible cracking, bending
— manufacturing defects

— breaking or bending (except axles)
— manufacturing defects

— breaking, visible cracking, bending
— manufacturing defects

What’s not covered
— wheels, brake, grip tape, paint, decals, and all other wearable parts
— normal wear and tear like scratches or grinding to the anodizing/coating/plating
— damage or failure caused by accident, improper use and/or abuse
— altering the structure
— improper assembly or improper follow-up maintenance
— any modification, which includes installing any aftermarket parts
— stripping and cross threading the threads

Scooters brought at non-authorized dealers are not covered by this warranty. To file a warranty claim, please visit https://www.vokulscooter.com/