Vokul Titanum Pro Scooter T-bar SCS - neo

Vokul Titanum Pro Scooter T-bar SCS - neo

24x27" , SCS compress compatible

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The Vokul Titanium T Bars weigh only 1.76 lbs, these bars have maximized strength while still being incredibly light. Titanium is the highest performing strength to weight material for pro-scooter handlebars and represents the pinnacle of pro scooter bars. Put simply the lighter the scooter the easier it is to land those tricks you’ve been trying. Out of the box the bars come 24" wide and 27" inches tall with no slit. Perfect for SCS compression.

* We DON'T provide slit cut service. 


  • Weight: 1.76 lbs.

  • Width: 24"

  • Height: 27"

  • Material: Titanium

  • Outer Bar Diameter: Oversized 

  • Inner Bar Diameter: Oversized

  • Stock Compression compatibility: SCS

  • Stock Slit: No

  • Shape/Profile: T-Bar